A Request to the Community from the Chamber President

The Chamber has been working hard for the businesses.

  1. The team that has been built is unreal.
  2. The work we have accomplished in the last 12 months will blow your mind.
  3. The relationships we have created will surprise you.
  4. Our future initiatives will excite you.
  5. My team needs you.
  6. The membership body benefits by increased memberships.

Despite COVID we have rallied. Find out how. Despite COVID we have spearheaded initiatives that haven’t been seen before. Join me as I facilitate our AGM this WED NOV 18 at 7pm at the Bragg Creek Center.

I am looking for board members and 2 executive positions to continue the momentum through my last year as President.

I am looking for new members, the benefits are abundant.

I am looking for creative, resilient, flexible, driven, and POSITIVE members to volunteer with us.  I want people who are bold and excellent listeners, who are committed to the community and a general sense of business success. No board experience needed. We WELCOME you.

Kathleen Burk


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