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Preserved Foods Boutique
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We’ve paired up with local farmers to bring you the best of our harvest any time of year. Using perfected techniques, we prepare high-quality foods and preserve them by canning.

Making them shelf-stable so you have access to Alberta’s best produce year-round.

Why preservation? Unfortunately, our local harvest season in Alberta only lasts a small period of time. Preserving food is a sustainable method to make sure that we, as a community, utilize our best products right at the peak of their freshness, nutritional content, and availability.

Preserved wants nothing more than for you to have the best quality food all the time. In your own home and pantry to turn into amazing meals for you and your family. We are making it easy for you to turn your staple foods into delicious, nutritious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks in a flash.

At Preserved we are all about teaming up with local farmers & suppliers to bring you the best Alberta has to offer.

All Things Wooden
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Need a contractor for your next project?  From home builds to custom furniture to renovations, Tom Gordon has 25 years experience in helping turn your vision into reality!

Branded Visuals and The Wildlife Gallery
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Located in the Trading Post Mall, and owned by Bob and Candy Cook, The Gallery features fine-art prints from local photographers.