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Quest Geomatics Inc.
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Property Line Staking, Real Property Reports, Subdivisions Surveys, Subdivision Project Management, House Layout, Grading and Elevations, Land Surveying and Topographic Surveys. Alberta Land Surveyor

Quantus Mortgage Solutions
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Professional mortgage broker since 2007 offering creative and competitive mortgage solutions to meet your needs. Whether you are purchasing a home, pulling equity out of your home, or renewing your mortgage I believe in working with authenticity, integrity and providing a superior level of service in every interaction. I love what I do and this shines through in the quality of relationships that I form and keep with my clients for years.

If your friends and/or family members are looking to purchase a home, refinance or renew their mortgage or have been affected by the government shutdown and they own a property with at least 25% equity and are looking for funds during this time (even if they aren’t employed) I would be honoured to assist them.